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Little known facts

July 21, 2013

Since 2000, the Cowboys has only had five losing seasons. That’s finishing under .500. Which gives them eight winning season and two division titles. Of those eight seasons, the Cowboys only finished 8-8 twice. The N.F.C East is one of the best division in football to date. With the Eagles ( six division titles and 1 superbowl appearance) and Giants (four division titles and two Super Bowl wins) doing most of the heavy lifting during that time span. I know what’s next, they only have one playoff win since 96. Ok, that’s fact and I hear that a lot, but what you don’t hear is this. The Skin’s only have two playoffs wins since 92. So, in comparison, we’re on equally ground there. And then there’s this. The Bengals hasn’t won a playoff game in 22 seasons the longest playoff drought in N.F.L history. It’s been three years since the Cowboys was in the playoffs. But the Bills hasn’t been to the playoffs since 99 and the Raiders and Browns haven’t been there in the last ten years. So, say what you want about Jerry Jones, but he’s done a far better job then most GMs.

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