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A few random thoughts

May 6, 2013

This is my first of many blog post. I would like to start off by saying, Cowboy fans are the worst. Now, mind you, I am a cowboy’s fan. Been one since the early 80’s. I’ve seen my fair share of losing seasons. But, the reason I say our fans are the worst is because, they seem to have no football knowledge at all. If the media say someone sucks, they don’t go back and look at the game and see where the real problem lies. They would rather be lazy and go along with the media thoughts and try to past them off as their own ideas. For too long I’ve heard that the reason the cowboys only have one playoff win since for ever is because of two men. Tony Romo and Jerry Jones. They are the source of all of Dallas’s problems. How soon we all forget about those seven QBs that came between Troy Akiman and Tony Romo. What about that Super Bowl drought spanning from the late 70’s on through the 80’s. Without Jerry Jones, who knows when the cowboys would have won their third, fourth and fifth Superbowl titles. Without Tony Romo, how much better would this team be? Before Romo, we where no better than the Browns. Since Romo, we’ve been NFC east contenders year after year. The one thing I hear a lot is that he chokes in the big game. Really? I guess that depends on what your meaning of a big game is. If playoffs games are the only big games that people are considering. Then it’s not just Romo’s fault. This team as a whole has not stepped up in big games. In the famous Seattle Seahawks game, which is a Romo hater favorite example to bring up. If you all remember correctly, it was Romo that took us down the field for a late score, only to have the defense give up a touchdown on the next Possession. It was then that Romo again took his team down the field to setup a go ahead score and Possibly a game winner. Since I was watching the game on tv, I have no way of knowing if the football was as slick as it was being reported. But, the ball did seem to shine a bit brighter than normal and since we know what happened, a bad snap leading to Romo’s failed attempt to run the ball in for the score, which lead to the fumble. Where many people look at just that play and say ” see Romo’s a choke”. I don’t see it that way. It was the defense failure to make a stop that is the real reason we didn’t win that game. What about that Minnesota playoff game. You know, the game where the o-line gave up what seemed to have been 20 sacks. Now, I don’t know about you or your favorite QB, but I don’t know not one QB that can throw the ball from his butt. But, again it was Romo’s fault. And then there was that Giants game. Again, the defense allowed the Giants to drive down the field to score late with under two minutes left. After Tony Romo had just put us ahead. I know all to well that Qb’s get all of the credit when their team wins and all of the blame if they lose. Now, that’s not to say Romo is perfect and free from any blame. He does make some bad mistakes and at the worst times. But to say he is the sole reason behind this teams failures is laughable at best. Now, on to Jerry Jones. The guy that everyone says shouldn’t be a G.M. He’s the guy that hasn’t got any credit for putting that Super Bowl team together. It was all Jimmy Johnson. That’s what I hear. But did anyone stop to think about who hired Jimmy in the first place. I don’t know or heard about any other team willing to give Jimmy a coaching job before Jerry did. Jerry as been the GM since he brought the team back in 89. He didn’t get any credit for winning, but he gets all of the blame for losing. As GM, how many hall of famers has he drafted?? He has had success and he has had some failures. But, it’s the failures that we hear about the most. Injuries and just plain ole bad luck has had people calling for Jerry’s head on a stake. Fair or not, it’s just the reality of the N.F.L. It is a what have you done for me lately league and winning a few division titles isn’t going to cut it. Expectations for the Cowboys are higher for them then for any other team in the N.F.L. Mostly at fault for raising expectations in Dallas is at the media’s feet. Too often they report Dallas has the most talent on their team, more than any other and are Super Bowl contenders. Besides a few household names, by my count we only have maybe six or seven, where is all of that talent? Your guess is as good as mines. Maybe this is the year we break through that glass ceiling and move on to greater things. Maybe or maybe not. But, the one thing that’s for sure is this. Without Tony Romo, we won’t come close to competing. With him, anything is possible.

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